Take on Space Sharing

Take on Space Sharing
Take on Space Sharing

Recently I started following the Coworking community and I am thrilled by the idea of sharing space which comes with its own sweet benefits of no toxic work culture, no fixed timing for which one is always on cross with his employer. No longer you are compelled to watch those demon faces every day, you can refrain from office politics, all that comes when you decide to work independently.

We are the generation of freedom, every next individual you come across is either hippie soul or at least one claim to possess it.

So millennial this one is surely for you.

Independence – Guys good news you are damn independent to work as per your accord. Man there's no one to intervene your working style, you can follow your own pattern and strategy. So my free bird start designing your own nest and let your wings fly and reach sky rocket. Buy my words you are sure to see silver lining in career front.

Flexibility – I hate the idea of waking up by an alarm clock, yeah you gonna label me as lazy but let it be the way I function. Concluding the point you can make your own routine by opting for flexible work timing.

No need to keep clock or mobile handy to check the time, you can begin your day the moment you choose to open your eye lid.

Productivity – lets confront we hardly give 5 to 6 productive hours when we're at the office, we simply wait for clock to close working hour. You no longer would be part of running the rat race, rather utilise your 8 hours productively at Coworking space, and be a master of your time, spend the time as if you own it.

Commutation – When you're living in metro city tedious travelling prevails upon your routine, which adds to stress & frustration. Here you can enjoy the privilege to opt for office nearby to your abode. It also reduces your traveling hours definitely which you can use it with your loved ones or things you'd like to do more often. For instance you can join a guitar class, Zumba & list varies as per your interest area.

Easy Functioning – At home chances are high that you would be loaded with numerous guests & household chores and at times it becomes difficult to focus on your freelancing work, here co- working space serves as a boon and it leads to smooth functioning of your work. You get the benefits of hi-speed internet, printer, allotted desk it entails as an added advantage.

Grapevine – If you ever have been part of the corporate world, you must have experience toxic work culture. Rumours, back biting it affects your peace of mind, no matter how hard you try to refrain from it. While choosing the Coworking space you choose environment free of office Politics.

You're your own boss– There would be no one on your nerves to ask for your deadline , to spy on your system screen. You can work in your king style. When you work on your own you take ownership of your work.

I embrace the concept of Coworking Space.

Stay tuned for latest updates.

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