Capture this and stay intact in coworking world

Capture this and stay intact in coworking world
Capture this and stay intact in coworking world

Blogging - Simply Write, the more the better, it doesn't mandate routine blog, however if you wish, go for it. It's well said if one thrive to be a good writer one should write a few things everyday. It's effortless to get blog post ideas at every spot. Many times best blog posts happen to be discovered by combining unrelated ideas.You can use a Google keep, notes, Trello, Evernote, Wunderlist, or any other digital organizational tool which is easily accessible on your phone. It will help you to organise your ideas and no sweat at the time of posting your next blog.

Follow the coworking community - Observe People's behavior, the activity they conduct, marketing strategy they devise,the events they attend, their comments on social media , their posts, articles, you can learn a lot out of it. Keep an open eye on what people share and the posts that receive maximum social shares.

SEO - Analyse SEO keyword phrases you want to be looked upon for. Your blog posts will generate traffic at the time it's published, although it may slow down eventually. The finest blog posts stay top on the search engine list for months or even years since it possess related keyword phrases. For instance you may consider keyword phrases like “Best Coworking Space in Ahmedabad” , “Place to connect like minded freelancers” , “Plug and Play Coworking space”. Figure out your target audience , ascertain your uniqueness and choose phrases accordingly,try to work with those keywords. Putting heads together on the ideas for keyword phrases is an essential task.

Stay tuned to events - Stay abreast to the latest & relevant event in the town, keep yourself well informed about the matter that holds importance to local freelancers, entrepreneurs and other potential members, which will attract the attention of probable clients.You may create posts of such news and events, as it add on to your market visibility and raises the chance of your coworking space to be seen as a valuable resource.

Read - Spare a alloted dedicated time everyday to read the latest articles, blogs and news about current trends & happenings in the coworking world. Definitely it will help you to pick up the idea, clear up your thoughts to formulate & implement business strategy for improvement, growth and expansion of your coworking space. Many times this happens subconsciously, whilst you’re engrossed in a book or chillaxing with a good read on your ipad or kindle, your brain will come up with creative ideas,intellect of humans is designed to serve connections at the time you have to put across a complex business idea or proposal to prospective clients.

Post - Millennials and Generation Z are famous for their novel and unconventional business ideas, one can adopt this approach in designing the radical post. First step to design the post is idea generation, brainstorm points that you want to cover in the post. Next step is to design and develop the idea. Before finalising the post , write a rough draft of the post.

Google map - Google Maps is a wonderful tool to enhance your Business. Make sure to have precise location on google map,mark your active presence on it. Keep a regular check to update the latest photos of your coworking space with the required description

Website - No matter how strong your resources, strategy and efforts are, it is tough to seek audience attention until you have remarkable presence in the web world. People will judge you on your digital showcase. Design a website that speaks volume about your business and services you offer in the best possible manner. Present your personal web portal with proper content and display images of offered products.

Digital & Social media marketing - Marketers very well agree that in order to widen your visibility , social media holds prime importance, with a good landing page, so be active on all relevant social media websites like facebook, Pinterest,twitter, linkedin. Make use of ads platforms like facebook or google ads to reach out to a larger audience who are trying to search with relative keywords.

I embrace the concept of coworking Space.

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